Open homes checklist

Open homes checklist

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Going to an open home or viewing:

Have a good look around. Open cupboards and turn on taps to check if the property meets your needs.

  • Does the property tick the boxes for what you’re looking for, for example, sun exposure, bedrooms, bathrooms, views and outdoor living?
  • How much storage is there? Can more be easily added?
  • Is there enough water pressure?  Turn on the shower and taps and flush the toilet.
  • What kind of exterior cladding does the house have? Is it well maintained? Check for cracks in plaster cladding.
  • Check that everything works - for example, open windows and turn on taps and light switches.
  • Note any smells that could indicate dampness or a previous flood.
  • Will your furniture fit?
  • Is there a garage on the property? How big is it? Can you use it for a car or storage?
  • Check the physical condition of the house inside and out. Do the floorboards move or does the floor slope? It’s useful to take a marble and place it on the floor. If the marble rolls, it could indicate issues with the foundations.
  • If the property has retaining walls, check for sagging or cracks. Repairing retaining walls can be expensive.
  • If you want to take photos at an open home you will need to check with the agent first.

Try to take someone with you to view each property - it’s helpful to get a second opinion. Take your time and walk around at your own pace - you might live there one day.

 Click here for open homes checklist guide PDF