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Help us to help them! 

If you or someone you know is thinking or planning to sell or maybe you are from or with different real estate agencies, please don't hesitate to get in contact with me.

We are actively looking and some help from you would highly be appreciated. 

Thank you. 

Read below of each family's preferences: 

1. Emily & Family: We are looking for our next property somewhere within Stanmore Bay. Preferably close to the school, with three bedrooms and would prefer multiple bathrooms (not a problem if not) Some outdoor space is fairly essential as we love to have yard where we can create healthy outdoor memories for the kids. Athough my Husband can do some DIY projects, we are looking for something which requires little more than maintainence. 


2. Heidi & Family: We are a young couple looking to buy for our first home in Stanmore Bay.  We are busy full-time working professionals and tend to arrive home rather tired in search of peaceful, quiet surroundings. Ideally we are looking for a three or more bedroom property, fairly private location and or surroundings so we can really enjoy our time off and out of the fast paced lives we have. 


3. Keyle & Family: Our family is actively searching for our next 3+ Bedroom home in Stanmore Bay. Ideally with multiple bathroom facilities, close to school(s) and with room for our two children to play. An outdoor area with gardens or garden space are all things we are looking for.