January Blurb - Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020! It has been a steady start to the new decade in the property market. In fact, the market didn’t really stop over the break, with a good lead into Christmas with multiple offers and sales right until Christmas Day.

This activity continued during the break as both vendors and purchasers were eager to get their property goals checked off for summer.

At only a few days into the New Year, the speed of new listings is accelerating. This is earlier than usual, as the market traditionally doesn’t start to pick up momentum until mid-January.

We’re expecting a fairly stable market over the next few months. Interest rates remain low and buyer confidence is healthy, and overall we’re seeing a settled market where both buyers and sellers are realistic and accepting of the market. The good news for vendors is that current market conditions mean that if you have a well-presented property at a realistic price, there will be a buyer – or multiple buyers – for your home.