COVID-19 Update Level 4

We’ve done it before and we will get through this again! Despite these uncertain times, during alert level 4, we will remain online and working throughout the lockdown. We can talk to you by phone, video and email.

During alert level 4, we won’t be able to hold open homes or have potential buyers visit the property

Pre-settlement inspections cannot take place at alert level 4. REA recommends that pre-settlement inspections are delayed until alert level 3

Settlement - During alert level 4, buyers cannot move into new properties and sellers cannot move out of their properties.

Auction will convert on online format

For anyone looking to sell post-lockdown, we are happy to facilitate virtual viewings and appraisals to ensure you don’t miss a single opportunity.

The market is still active. As soon as the Government allows, we will be working with our current owners to allow inspections and activity to take place once again.

Most importantly we all stay safe and be kind!  look out for each other and those in our wider community. Lockdowns and the isolation they bring are tough and it’s OK to not be OK - keep talking (safely) to family, friends, and the neighbour next door.